Phone Support

Video Vision, Costume Vision, Rental Vision and Library Vision products are extremely stable and require extremely low support levels. Therefore, to date customer's interest in the traditional support telephone channel has not been sufficient to make this service viable and all program support/enquiry handling is currently conducted via email.

Customer's needs are of course the prime factor in deciding all Vision Forecasting offerings and therefore if customer interest reaches sufficient levels, a phone support service will be introduced.

User comments (including many about our support service) may be seen on the testimonials page.

Reasons behind the email only support policy:
  • Product stability - Video Vision, Costume Vision, Rental Vision and Library Vision products are designed to be and are in practice extremely stable. In general they require very low levels of support - it is not uncommon for a customer to comment when making their renewal that they have not had to contact support in the entire duration of the previous support period.

  • Low initial purchase cost - the current email only policy is one of the key factors that allows the incredible pricing structures offered (for current pricing, please visit the price page) and allow 6 months support WITH upgrades to be included with license purchase (Note: Video Vision Lite includes a three month support period only). Competitor's products can retail at over $2000 for a single terminal license and purchase usually only includes a maximum 3 months (often just 1 month) of program support without a free upgrade period.

  • Low annual support cost - the cost of annual support for Video Vision, Costume Vision, Rental Vision and Library Vision products is typically several times lower than for competitive software and also include a low-cost option to include upgrades to new releases. For example, the annual support entitlement for a single terminal Video Vision Plus license can currently cost as little as $75. Competitor's phone support extensions typically cost between $600 and $1500 per year.

  • Customer driven - the most important factor is customer opinion. Whilst it is not uncommon for potential customers to be hesitant pre-purchase about relying on email only support, feedback provided by existing program users has consistently indicated that they wish continue with the successful and effective email only support option rather than pay the higher costs associated with phone support. If at any stage in the future customer interest reaches sufficient levels Vision Forecasting will naturally respond to these wishes and introduce a phone support option.

  • Highly qualified support personnel - the efficiency of email means that the person answering your Video Vision, Costume Vision, Rental Vision and Library Vision support enquiry will be highly skilled and know the program inside out - not just the interface but the underlying program code as well. The inefficiency of phone support lines means that they are invariably manned by staff with a far lower level of expertise and product knowledge.

  • Quality service - Despite the efficiency savings provided by email only support feedback has also indicated that our customers in general feel that the email support provided by Vision Forecasting is superior not only in value but also in quality and speed when compared to the support desk services provided by other software companies.

  • Easy assimilation of step by step information - support enquiries often receive detailed step by step instructions that can be assimilated at your own pace without pressure.

  • Flexible response hours - The flexibility of email support means that responses to support requests can be made across a broader time period that also includes limited support at weekends. Telephone support lines are normally limited to 9am-5pm Monday to Friday - therefore if your system goes down at 6pm on Friday and you are relying on office hours phone support line it is possible that you could be without your software for the entire weekend.

  • Delivery of utilities - many support cases require attachments/utilities to be sent as attachments or download links - this is not possible via a telephone line.

  • Historical record - emails can be printed or stored electronically giving you quick and easy reference to detailed instructions/information received from support. When trying to repeat a task in the future this compares very favorably to a set of brief, hastily scribbled notes from a phone conversation that took place several months (or even years) ago.


The support options offered for Vision Forecasting products is under continual review and you are invited to given your opinion regarding the support options you would like to see offered.

Your feedback on this subject - being a current customer or a potential customer - is most valued and most sincere thanks are offered in advance for taking the time to convey your opinions:

To register your interest or express a view regarding phone support, please use the contact forms.