Frequently Asked Questions

Can I import data from an existing program?

Video Vision Plus has a data import module which allows you to import existing data in a semi-automatic manner. You must first extract the appropriate data from the existing program in a format that may be read and manipulated in Excel. This data is then transferred into the appropriate pre-configured template spreadsheets ready for import into Video Vision Plus. The module may be opened from the file menu in Video Vision Plus.

Costume Vision, Rental Vision and Tuxedo Vision do not currently feature automated data import facilities. However, in most cases it should be possible to conduct a manual import of your data for you. Please get in contact to request a quote for this service.

Can I start my own store (database) in the evaluation version before registering the program?

Yes, there is absolutely no problem doing this. Upon registering Costume Vision/Rental Vision/Tuxedo Vision/Video Vision all data entered into a store (database) created in the evaluation version will still be available in that database and can be used with the program after registering.

Can the program be used in my country?

Our programs have been successfully used in over 100 countries globally. The programs are designed to be flexibly configurable for use in virtually any country and regional variations such as sales tax can be quickly and easily configured. We would however always recommend using the evaluation versions to verify that the exact requirements of your store/organization can be met.

Can I run the program on multiple terminals on my network?

Upon purchase of the appropriate multiple terminal license all programs (with the exception of Video Vision Lite) may be run with multiple terminals sharing a single database on most Windows networks. Video Vision Lite is available for use on a single terminal only.

Which operating systems can be used?

Costume Vision, Rental Vision, Tuxedo Vision and Video Vision are Windows based (Mac and Linux operating systems are not supported) and versions are available that are compatible with all versions of Windows from Windows XP onwards. The download page for each program version provides the full list of supported operating systems for that version.

I want to use an SQL Server database with the program - is this possible?

By default Costume Vision, Rental Vision, Tuxedo Vision and Video Vision use Microsoft Jet database engine - this is a convenient and simple to use solution suitable for the majority of stores/organizations.

However, all programs (and their add-on modules) are available in versions that support use with SQL Server for large stores/organizations.

Are the programs available in other languages?

Costume Vision, Rental Vision, Tuxedo Vision and Video Vision generation three are currently all available with interfaces in English and Spanish. Video Vision is also available with the program interface in French.

Generation Four programs are currently only available in English however versions in additional languages should be available in the future.

Is there a telephone support line?

All standard program support is via email. A full explanation of the benefits of this system can be seen here.

However, we are currently trialling a premium phone support service (additional charges apply) for the limited situations that would benefit from this option.

I don't want to use my credit card online - is there another way to purchase?

As well as the diverse payment options offered by PayPal, purchase may also be made by bank deposit/transfer or Moneygram transfer. Please use the contact forms to request the appropriate instructions for your preferred method of payment and location.