Rental Vision Reporter

The standard reporting environment available in Rental Vision is already comprehensive, however the Reporter module is available for those users who wish to have an even greater insight, drive additional revenue, enhance control or use certain advanced reporting functions.

A number of reports employ a drill-down format (allowing information to viewed at a high level before focusing in on more specific information), whilst others use graphical illustrations to present the key information at a glance. Some reports also offer the option of export to PDF format or to Excel (permitting your own extended analysis if required).

A sample of some of the additional reports/features provided by Reporter are detailed below. However, the Rental Vision evaluation version also includes an evaluation version of Reporter. An alert is shown whenever a report or feature that is only available as part of Reporter is selected in the evaluation version of Rental Vision.

  • Custom Report Designer - Reporter allows you to create up to six custom reports for Rental Items or Customers that flexibly display information chosen from that available in your Rental Vision database.

  • End Of Day Reporting - The end of day report is designed to provide an at a glance summary of the key statistics from the day's operations.

  • PDF Catalog Creation - The full item details report gives a comprehensive listing (including item image where available) of all items from a given category. This report provides a simple way of creating a printable catalog of the items available in each rental category. The report may be exported to pdf (portable document format), providing a catalog in an electronic format that could be quickly and conveniently sent to a customer as an email attachment.

  • Rental Item Utilization - A set of reports that allow full analysis of the utilization of individual items or grouped identical items. Presented is the purchase date, number of rentals, days available for rental, days out, and (the key measure) utilization expressed as a percentage of the days available. This report is extremely valuable for highlighting high demand items (where additional item purchases may be beneficial) and low usage items (that could be sold off/removed from the rental catalog). The reports can be displayed for a selected date range or for all time.

  • Rental Category Performance - This report provides an analysis which categories are driving revenue in your business and gives a summary of the utilization of all the items in each category. Presented is the number of items, number of rentals, total days available for rental, total days out, revenue generated, and the key measure - utilization expressed as a percentage of the days available. The report is available for a selectable date range.

  • Customer Visit/Spend Analysis - A powerful set of reports highlighting your most valuable customers either since creation of your database or for a specified date range. The reports highlight high value customers in terms of their spending on rentals and/or sales.

  • Full Customer Information - The target of a number of drill downs, this report provides full details for a selected individual customer. The information presented includes account status, full rental and purchase history, total purchase revenue generated, total rental revenue generated, and full personal information.

  • Returns Made - All returns made in a given date range.

  • Rentals Due Today - All rentals due on the day in question sorted by customer and listed with telephone number. A drill down is available to see full customer details.

  • Customers Who Have Rented... - This report presents a list of all customers who have rented a selected item.

  • Inactive Customers - A set of reports designed to identify customers who haven't made a rental since a specified date or who have a specified customer status.

  • Accounts Outstanding - Additional account management reports including a report showing customers with accounts outstanding with a full list of the account items making up the balance; a similar report that also includes cumulative late fees for currently overdue items (calculated up to the present day) is also available.

  • Top Ten Rentals - Three formats presenting the top ten rentals for any given date range are provided. These charts can be displayed for customer viewing andrange from a simple chart listing basic item details to a full listing showing the item's image and full description.

  • Items Added - All items added to your database during a selected date range.

  • Grouped Item Reports - Additional reports listing rental items in different ways are available including items in a selected Rental Category, items listed by item type, etc.

  • Sales Summaries - All sales (listed products and ad-hoc sales) for any given date range aggregated by item or by stock category.

  • Profit On Sales - All sales of products listed in the database for any given date range aggregated by item presented with cost price, revenue and profit generated.

  • Stock management reports - Reports designed to facilitate stock control, including reports of products which have reached/are below or are approaching their reorder level.

  • Receipt Recreation - Any transaction can be recalled and new receipt detailing the core movements of that transaction can be printed.

  • Full Transaction Listing - A fully detailed listing of all transactions conducted within a given date range.

  • Promotion analysis - A set of reports that detail rentals/sales that had a given type of promotion applied.

  • Store Activity - Summaries of activity by hour and by day of week for a selected date range are available along with graphical illustrations. These reports can provide extremely useful information for a variety of uses including staff rota planning.

  • Mailing Labels - Reporter offers the ability to print mailing labels based on various criteria including customers with accounts owing, customers who haven't visited since, etc.

  • And much more! - New reports are constantly added to Reporter and suggestions from program users are most welcomed. If you have a suggestion for a new report, please feel free to submit it and it will be considered for inclusion in a future version of the module.