Summary of Features

FeatureVideo Vision PlusVideo Vision Lite
General Features
Easy to use Windows interfaceXX
Personalizable main screenXX
Custom Toolbar SetupXX
Import existing dataX-
Customer limitUnlimited5000
Rental Item limitUnlimited7500
Rentals, Sales and Returns
Manage rentalsXX
Matrix pricing optionsX-
Return method alternatives43
Automatic late fee calculationXX
Sell peripheral products/servicesXX
Integrated reservation functionalityXX
Take reservation depositsXX
Pay On Return optionXX
Customer has rented item previously alertsXX
Option to require customer PINX-
Overdue rentals letter printingXX
Easily accessed powerful search moduleXX
Cash drawer reconciliationX-
Customer management
Comprehensive details storageXX
Full rental and purchase history storageXX
Comprehensive account management toolsXX
Customer photo displayXX
Customer photo captureX-
Membership card (with photo/barcode) creationX-
Multiple renters allowed on same accountX-
Membership fee managementXX
Security depositsX-
Preferred customer discountsXX
Tax exempt customersXX
Rental Item management
Comprehensive and flexible details storageXX
Flexible configuration of Item Types and FormatsXX
View image and trailer with item detailsXX
Full rental history storageXX
Automatic date-based rental category changesX-
Product management
Manage and sell peripheral productsXX
Comprehensive stock management toolsX-
Stock order creationX-
User control
Program user accounts with configurable feature access permissionsXX
Exception log of abnormal behaviorX-
Receipt printing
Printing of rental/sale/return receiptsXX
Flexible receipt configuration wizardXX
Receipts printed in virtually any languageXX
Multi-Rental promotionsX-
Day of week promotionsX-
Frequent Renter Points (customer loyalty scheme)X-
Rental/Sale combination promotionsX-
Rental Plan schemesX-
Prepaid credits/rentals schemeX-
Early Return CreditsX-
Buy X get one free product promotionsX-
Sending emails and SMS text messages
Send emails to customersX-
Send SMS text messages to customersX-
Barcodes and Hardware Support
Barcode scanner supportXX
Barcode label designerX-
Barcode label printingX-
DVD cover designerX-
DVD cover printingX-
Receipt printer supportXX
Cash drawer supportXX
Customer pole display supportXX
Webcam customer photo captureX-
Website tools
Integrated webpage creation moduleX-
Multiple terminals
Multi-terminal version availableX-
Add-on modules available
Video Vision ReporterX-
Upgrade to SQL Server databaseX-