ProductPrice (USD)
Costume Vision
Costume Vision$699
Costume Vision with add-ons packages
**Save $50** Costume Vision with Costume Vision Reporter$774
**Save $124** Costume Vision with Costume Vision Reporter and Costume Vision InStore$949
Costume Vision : Add-On Modules
Costume Vision Reporter$125
Costume Vision InStore$249
Costume Vision SQLS (SQL Server database enabled)contact us
Vision Online basic setup$999
Costume Vision : Multiple Terminals
Costume Vision second terminal$299
Costume Vision third or additional terminal$199
Costume Vision Reporter additional terminal license$75
Costume Vision InStore additional terminal license$199
Costume Vision SQLS multiple terminalscontact us
Vision Emailer and SMS text message credits
SMS text message creditscontact us
Vision Emailer creditscontact us
Upgrades for users of previous versionscontact us

-- All prices subject to change without prior notice --

Program Support

Six months of email support are included with purchase of a license for Costume Vision. Purchases of additional terminals/add-on modules do not include program support (unless a currently valid support entitlement is held for Costume Vision) other than for initial setup of the new terminal/module purchased. Please see the Terms & Conditions page for additional details. After the support period included with initial purchase has expired you will have the opportunity to purchase ongoing support/support with upgrades on a rolling twelve month basis.

Multiple Terminals

Purchase of a license for Costume Vision (or an add-on module where applicable) gives a license for use of the program on a single computer in a single location only. To use the program on more than one computer the appropriate multiple terminal/multiple location license must be purchased. If your situation is not covered by the summary pricing information provided above, please get in contact stating your requirements and the appropriate pricing for your needs will be calculated for you.