This page features screenshots from Video Vision. However, viewing screenshots only gives a vague idea of the program's capabilities and we strongly recommend that you that also try the fully functional evaluation version that is available for download here - this version of the program will allow you to truly appreciate what the program can offer your store/organization.

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Main Screen

The program's main interface is intuitive to use and has the most important functions arranged conveniently on two separate toolbars (fully configurable in terms of the buttons shown) on the left hand side and top of the main screen. A webpage style main window can be configured to provide a summary of key information, messages to staff, pending reservations, and a top 10 rentals chart.

rental store software screenshot

Transaction Screen

The transaction screen provides all the tools needed to ensure that each transaction is fast and efficient. Barcode reading is supported, as is the display of customer photographs for extra security.

rental store software screenshot